Resources to Support Technology Development

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This page lists various programs, online courses, articles and other resources for members that might be helpful in developing intervention/training technologies.

You can add resources to this page by adding a "child page" using the option at the bottom (it will add a link on this page to go to another page you create). You can also send any files you would like added to Michael Levin ( who can upload them to this page.

Useful Tools

- App Inventor ( An open source tool for creating mobile apps on Android.

- GoAnimate ( A commercial program that can be used to make animations.

- LifeGuide ( An open source tool for creating websites.

- PACO ( An open source tool for creating EMA programs.



Roth, W., Vilardaga, R., Wolfe, N., Bricker, J., & McDonell, M. (in press). Practical considerations in the development of smartphone apps for behavior change. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science.