PTSD: Working with Uniformed Service Professionals

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Using Verbal Aikido for Treating PTSD:
A Therapist Guide for Working with Uniformed Service Professionals 

By Frank J. Gallo, Ph.D.
Original Version Date: March 2012
Current Version Date: October 30, 2016

Author’s Note
This is an eleven-session PTSD protocol designed for working with uniformed service professionals. What I mean by a uniformed service professional is someone who wears a uniform and is in the employ of a state or government agency. Law enforcement officers, military service members, firefighters, and rescue workers (paramedics and emergency medical technicians) are all uniformed service professionals. They work in operational settings that put them at risk of experiencing the full range of stress reactions to danger.  More broadly, other trauma workers, such as emergency room nurses, doctors, mental health professionals, and disaster aid workers may benefit from this treatment protocol.

Being Updated
The protocol is being updated to supplement my upcoming book so that you can use them together. Meanwhile, please feel free to visit my website for more information on working with uniformed service professionals.