30: on Mindful Yoga-based ACT with Timothy Gordon, Jessica Borushok & Steve Ferrell

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Mindful Yoga-based ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) is a program created by Timothy Gordon and co-developed by Jessica Borushok and Steve Ferrell. MYACT is an 8 week group protocol integrating yoga into clinical practice for therapists that blends yoga philosophy with ACT and augments ACT's psychological flexibility training with yoga practices. Throughout the MYACT program, the six unique cores of ACT are trained during the yoga practice but also with new group activities to build meaningful interactions in therapeutic settings. The MYACT book includes adaptations of the group program to individual sessions and encourages clinicians to use yoga asana, breathing, mantra, chanting, and philosophy to augment the work they're already doing as an experiential approach to training psychological flexibility in-session.

The Mindful Yoga-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy book by Timothy Gordon, Jessica Borushok, and Steve Ferrell is now available!


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The ACT in Context Podcast is co-hosted by Timothy Gordon & Joanne Steinwachs.


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