29: with DJ Moran

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Daniel J. (DJ) Moran takes a deep dive with us into the discourse of ACT as an empirically supported treatment and how its underlying philosophy of functional contextualism can be used to empower clinicians as technical ecclectics, who can integrate other empirically supported treatments to expand the repertoire of responding organically to clinical and non-clinical situations without relying on "explanatory fictions" or theoretical ecclectism, while also honoring the experience, wisdom, and utility of non-ACT derived techniques and methods. Our conversation naturally evolves into discussing DJ's application of ACT as Acceptance & Commitment Training for organizational psychology and workplace safety. Our focus on the behavioral science tradition inspiring ACT assists us and we hope you too (our listener) in producing creative variations of ACT to meet the needs of the varied situations we find ourselves in professionally.

You can learn more about DJ at his website: https://www.drdjmoran.com

The ACT in Context Podcast is co-hosted by Timothy Gordon & Joanne Steinwachs.

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