12: with Patricia Robinson

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Patti is an extraordinary woman who has accomplished a lot and continues to make new developments in the world of treating many stuck clinical populations. In this first reboot episode of the ACT in Context Podcast, Patti takes us back through the history of learning ACT during its most earliest development (comprehensive distancing) and collaborating with Steven Hayes in the development of the core processes and the goal—purpose of targeting processes for psychological flexibility.

About Dr. Robinson:

Patricia J. Robinson, Ph.D., of Mountainview Consulting Group, is recognized as a pioneer researcher in the field of primary care behavioral health and a master clinician in Focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She trains internationally and consults with health care systems about initiation and expansion of integrated services. She is the author of over 150 publications, including Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care, 2nd (2015), Brief Interventions for Radical Change (2012), and Real Behavior Change in Primary Care (2010).


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