Physiotherapy SIG

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Physiotherapy SIG

Affiliated 2018

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Contact Information

Joe Tatta
New York, New York


  • To educate Physiotherapists about the ACT model.
  • To network with other professional organizations serving Physiotherapists.
  • To promote ACT as a way to optimize movement, vitality and improve the human experience.
  • To collaborate with member sections and SIG’s in the Contextual Behavioral Science community.
  • To promote ACT and the Contextual Behavioral Sciences as a means to inform Physiotherapy Practice.
  • To support public health policy initiatives that improve the care of patients and families with a physical disability.
  • To support clinical application, education, research and publication of Contextual Behavioral Science to Physiotherapy.

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed

Apply principles of the ACT to inform Physiotherapy Practice.

Possible SIG Activities

  • Facebook group.
  • Online collaboration.
  • Maintaining a list of Physiotherapy Resources on the ACBS website.
  • Participate at the World Conference through formal business meetings, panel discussions, or workshops.