OhioGuidestone Doctoral Internship

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OhioGuidestone offers eight positions in their American Psychological Association accredited doctoral internship training program in clinical psychology.  Interns are accepted into one of seven tracks, differentiated through the programs in which clients are served. Each track has a somewhat different focus in setting and age range, but all interns have core seminars and training experiences in common.  

The agency is ACT friendly in general and the internship director, Robert B. Denton, Psy.D., is active in both ACT training within the agency and utilizes and ACT approach in his private practice.  In addition, there are other therapists throughout the agency that have varying levels of experience with ACT.  Previous years have had and/or requested specific didactic training on the ACT model and interns have incorporate ACT into their clinical work accross tracks.  Specific application of an ACT approach with children and their families is a focus of the discussion.   

For more information about the internship at OhioGuidestone, you may go to their website at http://www.ohioguidestone.org/index.php/employment/page/predoctoral-internship-experience