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ACBS Chapter and SIG Leadership

To help ACBS Chapter & SIG officers connect more easily

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ACT and Autism SIG

To connect people who work with people on the autism spectrum and have a passion for ACT and RFT.

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ACT for Military SIG

A forum for clinicians, scientists, & students to discuss the advancement of ACT/CBS research, clinical practice and training for ADM & their families

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ACT for Professionals

This listserv is for ACBS members interested in ACT and all things ACBS.

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ACT in Primary Care SIG

A forum for ACBS members to discuss the application of ACT principles in a primary care setting.

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ACT-Based Coaching SIG

Listserv where ACT-based coaches can come together to share information, ask questions, receive support, and strengthen their practice.

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ACTing with Technology

Collaboration, discussion and sharing of ideas between researchers and practitioners with an interest in applying technological solutions

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Aging in Context SIG

Assessment, treatment, and advocacy for older adults in a whole person context.

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Alberta ACBS Chapter

This is the mailing list for the Alberta ACBS Chapter. We provide a point of contact for professional membership and host development activities.

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Applying ACT to Addictions SIG

List for those applying ACT to addictions, of course!

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Asian Culture and CBS SIG

To discuss current conceptual, scientific, and practice developments in ACT and RFT from Asian perspectives

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Children, Adolescents, and Families SIG

Children, Adolescents, and Families SIG listserv

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Clinical Behavior Analysis SIG

For clinicians, researchers, and students who share a commitment to behavior analysis as a primary clinical intervention for language-able individuals

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College/University Student Mental Health SIG

List for those working with the College/University Mental Health population.

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Compassion Focused SIG

This list serves as a forum for clinicians, scientists, and students who are members of the Compassion Focused SIG

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Contextual Philosophy of Science SIG

A forum for dialogue and education regarding the role of philosophy in human inquiry and psychosocial practices.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion SIG

To help members with different backgrounds share their perspectives within the organization through different channels.

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Evolution Science SIG

Using evolutionary science to improve the human condition and solve real-world problems

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Forensic & Corrections SIG

To provide a forum for dialogue, education and integration between the principles of risk, need, and responsivity (RNR) and ACBS

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Gender and Sexual Diversity SIG

Developing a supportive environment for the community and applying contextual science to increase understanding contexts

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Leadership, Organizational Behavior Management and Public Policy SIG

Listserv to scale the psychological flexibility model up to the level of organizations, public policy, and social institutions more generally.

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NYC ACBS: Greater New York Metropolitan Region Chapter

This list serves as a forum for clinicians, scientists, students, and affiliates who are members of the New York City & Greater Area Chapter USA

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Occupational Therapy & ACT SIG

A forum for clinicians, scientists, and students to share, discuss and support current developments between ACT and OT.

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Pain SIG

This listserv is for ACBS members interested in CBS as it relates to Pain.

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Psychedelic and Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness SIG

To engage with scientific data regarding therapeutic and human growth potential for psychedelic drugs and non-ordinary states of consciousness

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Psychodynamic CBS SIG

A group for those interested in the interface between psychodynamic thinking and contextual behavioral science

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Psychosis SIG

Connect clinicians, researchers, students, policy makers and others who are interested in advancing psychological treatment for psychosis

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Research in Practice Collaborative SIG

A forum for ACBS members to come together and discuss how best to link up those with access to data and those with experience in using data.

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This RFT list is for hardcore RFTers and those that want to listen in.

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Social Work & ACT Special Interest Group

A compassionate and collaborative space for social workers to explore the intersection of social work theory, practice, and cbs

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Sport, Health, and Human Performance SIG

Dissemination and collaborative evaluation of contextually based research and practice in the area of sport, health, and human performance

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Student SIG

Student Special Interest Group listserv

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UK and Republic of Ireland Chapter

To share and discuss ideas, make connections and to keep each other up to date with CBS activities and events within the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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Women in ACBS SIG

Gender bias in and outside of ACBS

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