Mindfulness & Meditation ACT Workshop Retreat - Dahl, Fletcher, & Livheim (CLOSED)

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Fredrik Livheim. 250kB.jpgLindsay.jpgJOANNE.jpg Mindfulness & Meditation ACT Workshop Retreat

**This workshop has closed.**

Workshop Leader: JoAnne Dahl, Ph.D., University of Uppsala, Lindsay Fletcher, M.A., University of Nevada, Fredrik Livheim, Ph.D., Karolinska Institutet

Dates & Location: June 18, 5:00pm - June 20, 2010, 4:00pm at Camp Galilee in Glenbrook, Nevada, on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

*** Please note (above) that this workshop begins on the evening of June 18th.

Continuing Education Credits Available: 12

Workshop Description: Meditation practice provides the context for deepening all of the core processes of ACT. Learning how to strengthen your own experience of these processes will help you in your personal life and will help you help your client. Learning how to focus in the present moment, take the perspective of the observer self, defuse from thoughts, impulses and feelings, accept experiences, and identify and persist in valued directions, are all practiced in meditation training. The aim of this meditation ACT retreat is to help you to deepen your own experience in these core processes by means of your own meditation practice and learn how meditation practice translates to being present in your relationships. More specifically, participants will learn to: focus attention in the present moment using breathing techniques, defusion from impulses by means of sitting still and observing and sitting still, training in self-as-context by means of body scan technique, and training in acceptance of experiences as thoughts, feelings and or physical sensations. Meditation practice will be combined with and tailored to each of the ACT core processes throughout the retreat. These meditation exercises will be interspersed with ACT exercises focused on building mindfulness skills in relationships.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn now to strengthen your own experience of the ACT core processes through meditation practice.
2. Learn how to focus your attention, act rather than react, and see impulses for what they are.
3. Train self as context with a body scan technique.

Target Audience: Intermediate & Advanced.

Registration Rates:
Note: Onsite registration is not available for the pre-conference workshops

Students: $200
Professionals: $365

  • Above prices include shared dorm sleeping, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners.


Special notes to attendees of this workshop:
This workshop retreat will take place at beautiful Camp Galilee, on the shores of Lake Tahoe. This is a camp, which means, that you are provided with dorm style sleeping, in single person beds. There will be a men's dorm, and a women's dorm.

Meals are served at 8:00am, noon, and 6:00pm.

What you should plan to bring...

1. Wear comfortable, soft training clothes. I recommend bringing at least one pair of long pants, and one sweatshirt (it can get cool in the evening, and along the water).
2. Bring a meditation pillow.
3. You will need to bring your own sheets/blanket, towel, pillow, toiletries (toilet paper will be provided). (Remember, a pillowcase and your towel can make a great pillow.)
4. You are welcome to bring snacks/ drinks with you to eat during breaks or to supplement your meals. You will be provided with meals, but the meals served are typically intended for younger campers, and depending on your appetite, you may want a little more. (There is not a store within walking distance.)
5. Sunscreen. Tahoe, and Reno for that matter, are at a high elevation with a dry climate, which means that you will get a sunburn far faster than other parts of the world.
6. Optional: Shower shoes (flip-flops), ear plugs, travel alarm, small flashlight, sunglasses.

Getting there...

I highly recommend car pooling or taking the airport shuttle from Reno. (Parking is limited.) Find others to car pool with using the Room Share/ Ride Share page. With just one other person sharing a rental car, it should be less expensive than taking the airport shuttle, so I highly recommend it. If you take the airport shuttle, you'll need to get off the shuttle at a hotel in Stateline, NV, then get a taxi to Camp Galilee (map).

Travel time from Reno to Camp Galilee by car: please allow 1 hour
Travel time from Reno to Camp Galilee if traveling by shuttle: please allow 2 hours

You are allowed to begin arriving at Camp Galilee on Friday, June 18, as early as 4:00pm. We will begin handing out badges/ materials at 5:00/ 5:30pm. Dinner will begin at 6:00pm, with your first workshop session to follow.

Our group must depart Camp Galilee by 4:00pm on Sunday, June 20 (as they will be expecting another group). Remember this is not a hotel, we need to leave Camp Galilee in the same beautiful (and clean) condition it was in when you arrived.

Directions... (map)

From Reno: Take US Highway 395 South through Carson City. South of Carson City turn RIGHT on US Highway 50 West to Lake Tahoe. Pass over Spooner Summit and continue on US 50 toward South Lake Tahoe. As the road approaches the edge of Lake Tahoe and you pass Glenbrook on the right, watch for the Fire Station and Post Office on the Left. Look for green sign saying Galilee with an arrow pointing the way.

From North Lake Tahoe: Take State Route 28 around the east shore of Lake Tahoe. At the intersection with US Highway 50 turn right toward South Lake Tahoe and follow the directions above into Glenbrook

From South Lake Tahoe: Take US highway 50 East toward Carson City. After passing through the tunnel at Cave Rock begin looking for the green sign saying Galilee with an arrow pointing the way.

Physical Address: 1776 Highway 50, Glenbrook, Nevada 89413