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Mexico-ACBS (Asociación Mexicana por las Ciencia Conductual-Contextual)

Affiliated 2012

Contact Information

Michel A. Reyes Ortega (president)


Promote Contextual Behavioral Science. Support research and practice of Contextual Behavioral Science. Contact ACBS wider community for further clinical training and supervision. Development of ACT oriented educational programs. Development of ACT oriented clinical services. Development of an organized comunity who supports, regulates and promote the development of contextual behavioral clinical practice.

Chapter Activities

The chapter engage in activities designed to:

-supporting CBS related research in Mexico and establishing research colaborations with international CBS community

-acquiring newsletters, journals and other publications

-specifying or promoting education and training criteria

Description of Membership

Mental health or related professionals interested in research and aplication of CBS.

Board of Directors

José Ignacio Cruz Gaitán

Ivonne  Corona Chavez

Angélica Nathalia Vargas Salinas

Michel A. Reyes Ortega