Managing emails from the UK & ROI Chapter List

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Instructions for managing emails from the ACBS UK & Republic of Ireland Mailing list

There are several ways to manage the emails, if you want to have greater control over how you engage with the chapter.

1. The first is to set up a new folder on your email account, called ACBS UK&ROI Chapter. Then set up an email rule to manage incoming emails. Here are links for how to do it in


Apple Mail:


With chapter emails going into a folder, you will never miss a communication, but you can choose how often you go in and see what's happening.

2. The second is change your email preferences for the list
You can choose to get all emails, or to receive only one per day, or no emails.

If you select 'no email' you can still check it on the web whenever you want and still post to the list by clicking here:

You can download these instructions as a word doc below

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