Lyddy, Barnes-Holmes, & Hampson, 2001

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Lyddy, F., Barnes-Holmes, D., & Hampson, P. J. (2001). A transfer of sequence function via equivalence in a connectionist network. The Psychological Record, 51, 409-428.

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RFT: Empirical
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connectionist network; transfer of sequence function; stimulus equivalence relations; sequential learning

The researchers, at Wales institute and the National University of Ireland, pretrained a connectionist network on a series of equivalence and sequence tasks to simulate the preexperimental experience of an adult subject. It was then exposed to the equivalent of 6 conditional discriminations, and was tested for the formation of 3 3-member equivalence classes (corresponding to A1-A2-A3, B1-B2-B3, C1-C2-C3). The data suggest that connectionist networks may provide accurate and plausible models of stimulus equivalence and transfer of function phenomena in natural language.

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