JCBS Student Editorial Board

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The Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science is moving forward with plans to seat a student editorial board (SEB), comprised of graduate students interested in CBS. Once appointed, SEB members will review JCBS articles, gaining invaluable experience in the peer-review process and helping to steer the content of JCBS.

Complete program details are here. Please read them carefully before completing the preliminary application.

Briefly, to be qualified to apply to the SEB, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a graduate-level program in an appropriate area of study (ABA, counseling, education, psychology, and social work are all appropriate; other fields may be approved based on rationale you provide)
  • Be a current member of ACBS
  • Complete a short preliminary application
  • Complete a short peer-review training offered by Elsevier
  • Complete three article co-reviews with an approved mentor

The co-reviews are the most involved part of the qualification process. You must work with an approved mentor to do your co-reviews. All JCBS editorial board members and associated editors are pre-approved. A non-member may serve as your mentor, provided that individual holds a terminal degree in an appropriate field and has expertise in both CBS and in the peer-review process. To work with a member who is not on the JCBS editorial board, you need to get pre-approval from the JCBS editor-in-chief. Email pre-approval requests.

Note that, if you have already completed three co-reviews with a JCBS editorial board member or an approvable non-member, these may be used for qualification if (and only if):

  • The articles, in your mentor’s estimation, were relevant to CBS,
  • You did formal reviews of each one, and
  • In your mentor’s estimation, your work reviewing these three articles was such that he or she is willing to recommend you for the SEB.
  • (Also, if you mentor is not a JCBS editorial board member, the editor-in-chief approves him or her as an appropriate mentor)

You are welcome to contact JCBS editorial board members directly to ask about mentorship (a list is here.) However, there is also a spot on the preliminary application where you can ask to be matched with a mentor. If you choose this option, the JCBS office will attempt to match you with a volunteer mentor. Please note that there mentor opportunities are limited. You may need to wait some time for a match. And once we match you with a mentor, the details of your co-review experience are entirely at his or her discretion.

We hope you’re excited to join the JCBS SEB. It’s a great (and relatively rare) opportunity for graduate students to fully participate in the peer-review process. We look forward to receiving your application. If you have specific questions, email the JCBS professional officer.

Thanks. We look forward to welcoming you on the JCBS student editoral board.