Inpatient Treatment (Adults): Using the ACT Matrix

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07-20-2019: added TJC references to the treatment planning file.
08-01-2019: fixed an error on the outcome measures form.

In this two-week treatment protocol, you will find documents for using ACT and the ACT Matrix as the core approach to treatment in an inpatient setting. Four groups comprise the protocol:

  1. Peer Council (AM)
  2. Me Noticing Training
  3. ACT Psychotherapy
  4. Peer Council (PM)

Since late 2016, the protocol has been used in an inpatient setting to treat different population groups struggling with a wide range of acute psychological conditions including substance use. It has also been used in a partial hospital and intensive outpatient treatment setting. You may even use it in outpatient settings.

Included in the documents, you will find self-report questionnaires to use in the treatment planning process to monitor patients’ progress toward achieving their treatment goals, determine the effectiveness of treatment, and inform the goals and objectives of patients’ individualized treatment plans.

For questions or further information, please feel free to contact me:

Frank J. Gallo, Ph.D.
Blue Life Behavioral Health
529 Main Street, Suite 4
Indian Orchard, MA 01151
Office: 413-266-2859

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