How to consume the podcast

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Here a a few different ways (all free!) to obtain the ACT in Context podcast episodes for your listening pleasure!

  1. Subscribe for free in the iTunes Store. Simply go here for the "ACT in Context" podcast in iTunes, and then click "Subscribe." Each new episode will download to your computer, mp3 player or mobile device automatically when it becomes available! [Don't have iTunes but would like to? Simply visit to check out the free program compatible with both Macs and PCs.]
  2. Stream it from our site. You can easily listen to the podcast from the site directly. Simply click on the podcast episode's title to view each podcast's own webpage and read a bit more about it. There you simply click the large Play button and happy listening!
  3. Download the files from our site. Simply click on the title of the episode, which takes you to each episode's own page. Then click on the link to the audio file on that page and it will download to your computer wherever you specify.
  4. RSS feed to the podcast homepage. You can subscribe to this page via RSS feed (click the orange button on the bottom of the screen on the podcast homepage or go here