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This is the ACBS (Association for Contextual Behavioral Science) SIG (Special Interest Group) for ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) clinicians, researchers, academics, trainers, AODA counselors, students and others interested in the application of ACT to people dealing with addictions: the addicted, those working with such clients/patients, and the addicted person’s family, friends and concerned others.

Though addictions and their treatment can be complex, it appears that people with addictions are almost always following an avoidance agenda and have become disconnected from their higher values or their commitment to those values. This listserv will serve as a venue for sharing research, clinical techniques, insights, experience, opinions, and other information, so that we can improve our approaches to understanding and overcoming addictions. By bringing all the aspects of ACT, that is mindfulness, acceptance, defusion, perspective taking, commitment and values, to addiction treatment, and actively promote this approach, we will bring better treatment options to people with addictions and the people who want to help them.

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