Gomez, Barnes-Holmes, & Luciano, 2002

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Gomez, S., Barnes-Holmes, D., & Luciano, M. C. (2002). Generalized break equivalence II: Contextual control over a generalized pattern of stimulus relations. The Psychological Record, 52, 203-220.

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RFT: Empirical
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generalized break equivalence pattern, derived relational responding

The authors, researchers at the university of Almeria and National University of Ireland, conducted a study that attempted to develop a procedure to produce a Generalized Break Equivalence Pattern. The results extent those found earlier and support he generalized operant nature of derived relational responding.

Building on the work of Gomez et al (1999; 2001), the authors established effective contextual control over the Generalised Break Equivalence Pattern (GBEP) which provides further support for the generalized operant nature of derived relational responding.
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