Gomez, Barnes-Holmes, Luciano, 2001

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Gomez, S., Barnes-Holmes, D., & Luciano, M. C. (2001). Generalized break equivalence I. The Psychological Record, 51, 131-150.

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RFT: Empirical
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Match-to-sample, generalization break equivalence

The researchers examined generalized break equivalence responding in 5 Ss (aged 18-20 yrs). Training and testing trials were presented in a match-to-sample format. In each matching-to-sample trial the sample and comparison stimuli always differed in at least 2 letters. On all trials, the sample appeared centered on the top half of the monitor screen simultaneously with the 2 comparison stimuli. Results indicate that 3 Ss showed a clear generalization break equivalence pattern (GBEP), 1 S produced a very close result to the GBEP with errors on the transitive relation, and 1 S failed to show the predicted pattern.

The objective of this study was to produce responding in accordance with symmetry and transitivity but not with equivalence across novel stimulus sets. Building on the work of Gomez et al (1999), the authors employed several new procedures to generate ‘broken’ equivalence relations which provides support for the generalized operant nature of derived relational responding.
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