Practicing ACT – online training April 5th-April 26th

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Apr 5 2018 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
World Region: 
North America
Jessica Borushok

Practicing ACT is a four-week live online workshop all about transitioning from learning ACT to doing ACT. This is not a didactics only course: there will be a lot of opportunity to share, ask questions, learn from others, and get feedback.

Have you done some ACT training but feel like you don’t have specific skills you can take with you into your practice the next day? Have you tried some classic ACT exercises that just don’t work with your clients?

We know that it’s hard to transition from learning ACT to doing ACT. That’s why we have created this specialty, skills-focused workshop that is about practicing ACT. Over the course of four, two-hour sessions, once a week you will be given tried, tested, and true skills and worksheets to use with your clients. You will be shown video demonstrations, given case examples, and have opportunities to practice the skills in a safe, online workshop environment.

The outcome? You will be able to integrate ACT into your practice more effectively starting with your very next session.

Registration is open and offers 8 CE credits.

Here's a brief overview of the four sessions:
1. The ACT Therapist's Field Guide to Setting a Context for Change
2. Making New Behaviors Stick: Values, Actions, Perspective Taking
3. Rolling with Resistance: Use of Self for In-Session Behaviors
4. Integrating New Information and Using Processes to Guide Your Exploration

More information and how to register HERE