Practical ACT: An Introduction to Life Skills Modules - Carbondale, Illinois

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Apr 27 2018 - 9:00am - Apr 28 2018 - 5:00pm
World Region: 
North America
United States
Chad Drake, Ph.D.

This workshop will provide comprehensive training in the delivery of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for a variety of client presentations. More specifically, the event will provide didactic and experiential instruction on the delivery of the Life Skills Modules Protocol, a transdiagnostic, integrative, and evolving treatment protocol used for Chad Drake’s clinical psychology practicum team at Southern Illinois University.

This training is designed for students and practitioners new to the ACT model and also for those with some experience with ACT who are trying to assimilate the full model into their work. In addition to serving a variety of client presentations, the protocol has been developed by Dr. Drake as a hands-on means of learning the components of the psychological flexibility model and understanding how they work together. This workshop is designed for practitioners who want affordable training that is brief yet comprehensive. Individuals with disabilities are welcomed. Call 618/453-5738 to request accommodations.

13 CE hours pending approval for psychologists (Note: In Illinois, hours are applicable to social workers and Master's-level therapists; please check state requirements if licensed outside of Illinois)
Learning Objectives:
-Identify the philosophical basis of ACT;
-Identify the theoretical basis of ACT;
-Explain a simple means of conducting a functional assessment for clients;
-Describe an intervention for disrupting problematic behavior patterns;
-Define values and provide an illustrative metaphor;
-Define present moment awareness and provide an illustrative metaphor;
-Define defusion and provide an illustrative metaphor;
-Define self-as-context and provide an illustrative metaphor;
-Define willingness and provide an illustrative metaphor;
-Define committed action and provide an illustrative metaphor;
-Explain a cheap and accessible means of facilitating practice of the skills outside sessions;
-Describe a sensible order for teaching the life skills.

Chad Drake, Ph.D., has been an active student, researcher, and teacher of Contextual Behavioral Science for more than 15 years. He is an Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University, where he supervises the Contextual Behavioral Science Lab in addition to supervising graduate students in adult clinical psychology. His passions include mountain hiking, making his wife laugh, and playing with his two sons.


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