Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: 2 Day Workshop

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Sep 13 2019 - 8:30am - Sep 14 2019 - 4:00pm
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North America
United States
Dr. Michael Twohig, Clarissa Ong, M.A.

Day 1: An Introduction to ACT
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an innovative type of psychotherapy that falls within the cognitive behavioral tradition. ACT is a unified treatment model that has strong support for specific disorders such as chronic pain, depression, substance use, and anxiety disorders. ACT works under the assumption that people are not broken and our thinking patterns and emotions are both logical and appropriate. The problem lies in the way we attempt to control and regulate these inner experiences. ACT assumes that most psychological disorders—or things that people struggle with—are at least partially the result of our attempts to regulate our thoughts and feelings and not the thoughts and feelings themselves.

ACT teaches clients how to:
• Notice problematic thoughts and feelings, see them for what they are (just thoughts and feelings)
• Make room for them in their lives (“acceptance”)
• Move in directions that are meaningful to them
• Get to a place in their lives where inner experiences do not control them
• Live a life that is guided by both meaning and purpose

Day 1 Learning Objectives:
Discuss the philosophy and theory behind ACT
Describe the basic research that informs ACT
Describe the most recent research on ACT
List the psychological processes targeted in ACT
Explain the psychological processes targeted in ACT
Utilize at least one key ACT exercise in a therapeutic context

Day 2: Experiential ACT Workshop
To really learn how to kick a ball it is necessary to practice kicking; lectures on the topic can only get one so far. The best way to see what ACT is really like is to participate in it. During this one-day experiential workshop, participants will get to experience an abbreviated version of the entire ACT treatment protocol. Participants will be asked to select a relatively minor struggle in their lives (for example: anxiety about sports, struggles at work or school, uncertainties about careers, or struggles in friendships) and practice working through these issues using ACT techniques. Participants will be given opportunities to share their reactions to the exercises. This will give participants firsthand experience and insight into the ACT treatment model. It will teach them the ACT tune that they would otherwise never get to hear. Compared to day 1, there will be much less discussion of why ACT is done the way it is done and much more time spent seeing how it is done. This workshop is for individuals who want a deeper understanding of ACT.

Day 2 Learning Objectives:
List the psychological processes targeted in ACT
Explain the psychological processes targeted in ACT
Apply ACT principles in a therapeutic context
Utilize at least one ACT exercise in a therapeutic context
List resources for further information on ACT 


$237 Full Workshop: Professionals

$77 Full Workshop: Students

Options available for 1 day attendance as well.

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