First Prosocial MeetUp ZOOM session

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Mar 11 2019 - 8:00pm - 9:00pm
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United Kingdom
Jim Lemmon, Amanda Hagenbeek

We are proudly presenting the first Prosocial Online MeetUp! We want to invite everyone with an interest in Prosocial to join us on ZOOM on March 11th 2019 8 PM GMT. To kick things off we have found a very inspiring speaker to share his work with Prosocial.

Jim Lemon works in a NHS medical paediatric psychology in a district general hospital in Southwest Scotland. Children with chronic health issues are 4 times as likely to develop mental health problems as our children without those problems. When he started, children were referred to his service with a kind of “see, fix, return” model without any real involvement. He learned Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and was having good success individually with the children but then he realised success was much more dependent upon how well the groups around the child functioned: Their families and the medical teams around them. To address this Jim has been working with Prosocial to create better relations within and between medical teams looking after the chronically ill children. The results he has achieved have been amazing and Prosocial is now building momentum in the NHS.

After his initial presentation the floor will be open for questions and discussion. The concept of our meetings can and will be an evolving thing ;-)

Warm regards,
Amanda, Valerie, Donna, Monique and Paul 

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