Evidence-Based ACT Practices for Reducing Staff Stress and Burnout with Dr. Sandra Georgescu - 2.0 BCBA Type-II CEU's!

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Sep 23 2019 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
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North America
Dr. Sandra Georgescu, Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer - 2.0 BACB Type-II CEU's

Evidence-Based ACT Practices for Reducing Staff Stress and Burnout - 2.0 BACB Type-II CEU's!

Instructors: Dr. Sandra Georgescu, PhD, Peer-Reviewed ACT Trainer, and Dustin Dixon, MEd, BCBA (ACE Provider)
Event Date: Monday, September 09, 2019
Time of Event: 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Pacific Time, USA)
Event Location: Online - Webinar
Number of BACB Type-2 CEU’s earned: 2.0 CEU’s
Cost to Attend: $40 (includes registration, and 2.0 BACB Type-II CEU’s)

For more information or to register, visit our website (https://connections-behavior.com/event-type/continuing-education-events/)


Clinical careers evolve like any others. Early in their career, idealistic clinicians show enthusiasm and excitement about the profession despite often being underpaid, having little control over their employment and working long hours in busy institutions. While there, complicated profiles challenge their effectiveness, while systemic pressures and responsibilities multiply. Individuals, especially if career focused, augment their efforts and persist, usually getting over-involved with work and disconnected from other pursuits that seem less immediate and less important. Burnout, or the longer-term symptoms associated with useless avoidant persistence when one should probably step back and reorient eventually spreads to those around us, further feeding the toxic environment. Clients also inevitably suffer as clinicians become more callous, hurried, irritable and continue to ignore their own self-care needs.

From an ACT perspective, facing the pain of experiential avoidance and its acceptance counterpart have been shown to mediate the relationship we have with our experience (be it painful) and thereby help workers turn toward and make use of the much needed information that experience provides, so that we can reorient and reconnect with the values of the work. By engaging the Psychological Flexibility model, this experiential workshop will give you the skills to review and reconnect to your work values, reassess self-care and develop a plan for behavioral change so that you can improve your personal and professional lives.

This 2 hour, web-based event is designed for ABA practitioners interested in applying ACT to the problems of stress resulting from work in the field. Attendees will review rates and contributing variables related to employee burnout, practice specific exercises for identifying values-related behavioral targets, and plan for applying strategies to supporting other staff experiencing symptoms of work-related burnout.


Dr. G began her career working in a shelter for women who were victims of domestic violence in Montreal, Canada, where she realized that the models used were overwhelmingly ineffective in helping women bring any kind of meaningful change into their and their children's lives. Her discovery of ACT and DBT provided foundational evidence based models that have guided her academic work and clinical career.
With over 15 years of professional experience and formal training in the fields of education and clinical psychology, Dr. G. is now the founder & licensed clinical psychologist for the Contextual CBT Center in Reno, Nevada. Under this umbrella, she continues to train, mentor and conduct clinical services with a diverse population. She occasionally teaches in the Department of Social Work at University of Nevada Reno (UNR) and Nevada VA. Dr. Georgescu also retains leadership roles as a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences (ACBS). She is Chair of the Diversity Committee and past co-President of the Women in ACBS Self-Interest Group (SIG). She is also a regular presenter/workshop facilitator for various organizations and inter/national conferences. She has also written a few articles/chapters on various topics in the Contextual CBT area, including burnout.




Director of Continuing Education and ACE Coordinator for Connections Behavior Planning and Intervention

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