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Mar 7 2019 - 9:00am - Mar 8 2019 - 4:30pm
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Dr Louise Hayes

ACT for adults – Learning to become fluid and flexible

This workshop will be a small group of attendees focussing on learning advanced therapy skills. Louise Hayes is a clinical psychologist who has been working with adults in therapy for many years (not just adolescents!).

“In this workshop I am delighted to take the peer supervision sessions I have run for a few years and tune them up into an advanced skills building workshop. Please join us for lots of practice in clinical skills, peer supervision, support and self-care over 2 days.” Louise Hayes

We will not be going over the ACT hexaflex model. You will be working on function and process with clinical examples to build core skills.

Our learning will focus on how to move through each of these steps:

Function – The central piece in ACT is working with the function of behaviour in the room (is there: avoidance, escape, coherence to rules, reinforcement etc.). This skills workshop will focus on how you can look for function, how to test your hypotheses, how to talk about function with clients
Process – With function as our foundation, we will practice how to fluidly move through core processes in order to help clients develop flexibility. Participants will be expected to practice in real-plays, role-plays and demonstrations to build their skills.

Context – The function of behaviour in context is central to ACT, so we will spend some time looking at how context and function work in therapy.
Client and therapist – We will look at function and process for your clients as well as for you as a professional. In therapy our own processes and function of behaviours provide valuable insights that can help us become more skilled with clients.

Case conceptualisation and treatment planning – We will work with your own clients as well as with some group examples.

Peer supervision and support – Because this workshop will include real-play and role-play practice, we will also focus on providing support and peer supervision to each other. [It is my hope that this may even continue beyond the workshop with peer support networks.]

Self-care and compassion – Throughout the workshop we will build in self-care and compassion exercises for us as therapists, and you will find you can use these for your clients too.


Attendees should have a good working knowledge of ACT and some practice using this with clients. We will not be going over the ACT model. (If you are unsure whether this is suitable for you please emailLouise)

Participants will be required to bring along 2-3 de-identified client examples to work on

The new edition ofLearning ACT will be a foundation text for this workshop. Please consider purchasing this.

Additional pre-reading will be provided 2 weeks prior.

Duration & CPD:

Day 1 – 9am – 430pm, Day 2 – 9am – 4pm

Louise Hayes is a registered supervisor and clinical psychologist. This workshop will count for 12 hours of active CPD

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