Emotion Efficacy Therapy - Oakland

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Sep 21 2019 - 9:00am - 5:30pm
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North America
United States
Aprilia West and Matthew McKay

One of the greatest superpowers we can offer clients is the ability to develop powerful relationships with their emotions. How people relate to their emotions day to day—and even more in life-defining moments—determines the choices they make, especially in the face of stress and distress. Ultimately these moments of choice become habits and patterns that determine the course of their lives.

Over 75% of clients who seek therapy struggle with low emotion efficacy, tend to have avoidant relationships with their emotions, and often believe they are controlled by them. The cost is high as low emotion efficacy gets in the way of the flexibility, creativity, and freedom people need to create fulfilling, meaningful, and inspired lives.

The emotion efficacy therapy (EET) protocol helps people develop a more powerful and contextually-adaptive relationship with their emotions and gives them the skills to navigate them so they can stay connected to what matters. Blending ACT, DBT, and exposure therapy into an 8-week treatment, EET provides psychoeducation, concrete mindfulness and coping, as well as skills and exposure practice so that clients not only learn what to do differently, but how.. Clinicians and coaches can deliver the EET protocol in a group or individual format.

This workshop is highly experiential. You will practice using emotion efficacy therapy (EET) with feedback and can leave the training competent to use the protocol with clients. Participants can also purchase the EET clinician's guide written by Aprilia West, PsyD, MT, and Matthew McKay, PhD, which includes: psychoeducation handouts and worksheets, therapist scripts, and step- by-step instructions for doing EET in a group or individual format.

Earn 7 CE Credit Hours