Elections 2017 Candidates

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Alyssa T. Poblete, MPhil, candidate for Student Representative:
"I'm an incoming fifth year graduate student at George Washington University, currently working on my PhD in Clinical Psychology with a community focus. My interest in acceptance- and mindfulness-based approaches began prior to graduate school while working on a research study examining adolescent girls’ depression and non-suicidal self-injury. In my clinical work as a graduate student, I have led several mindfulness-based groups with adolescents and young adults from diverse backgrounds. I have also conducted therapy with children and adults from an ACT framework in both hospital and community mental health settings under the supervision of an ACT therapist. These have been enriching experiences for me that I wish to carry forward through the rest of my graduate career and beyond!

As a new member to the Contextual Medicine SIG, I hope to continue to learn from and contribute to the important conversation about ways multidisciplinary teams in various settings can work together to support clients/patients in living meaningful, values-based lives. I am also very interested in how cultural contexts shape the ways both service providers and patients approach understanding of concerns and treatment, and how this fits into that conversation. In the role of student representative, I would like to advocate for trainees and learners and increase awareness of learning opportunities relevant to the SIG."

Sarah Staats, M.A., candidate for Vice-President/President-Elect:
"My interest in ACT and CBS exploded when I was exposed to the ideas and experiences as an undergraduate research assistant and attended the 2010 World Con in Reno. I resonated so deeply I decided to enter graduate studies working with Dr. Rob Zettle in Wichita, Kansas. Throughout graduate school, I have been interested in applying the theory and practice of acceptance- and mindfulness-based approaches within the realm of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. I have especially enjoyed the intersection of ACT with issues such as weight management, chronic pain, coping with chronic disease/disability, insomnia, and health behavior change. Currently, I am concluding my 1-year predoctoral psychology internship at VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System. I work in Primary Care-Mental Health Integration, Interdisciplinary Pain Team, Spinal Cord Injury and Disorder Team, Insomnia Clinic, and other areas. I will be graduating with my Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology this summer and continuing my work with Primary Care-Mental Health Integration next year as a postdoctoral fellow at the Denver VA.

My prior role within the CM SIG has been that of Student Representative, and I have so enjoyed being a part of this warm, collaborative group. As Vice President/VP Elect, I would like to take a more active role in growing the group's membership, reach, and influence; create opportunities for interdisciplinary (and intradisciplinary) learning, research, and consultation; describe and disseminate what we mean by "Contextual Medicine"; and generally have fun with a diverse group of psychologically flexible professionals! :) "