Roche et al., 2000

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Roche, B., Barnes-Holmes, D., Smeets, P. M., Barnes-Holmes, Y., & McGeady, S. (2000). Contextual control over the derived transformation of discriminative and sexual arousal functions. The Psychological Record, 50, 267-292.

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RFT: Empirical
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sexual arousal, arbitrary

The authors, researchers at the Universities of Bath, Leiden, and Ireland, examined the transformation of conditioned sexual arousal in accordance with arbitrary relations. The current research replicated and extended that study by attempting to bring the derived transformation effect under contextual control. The study yielded statistically significant results demonstrating, in a very control experimental setting, that conditioned sexual arousal can be transformed with arbitrary relations.

Following on from Roche and Barnes (1997) and McGeady and Roche (1997), the authors demonstrate four distinct contextually-controlled transformations of function by presenting the contextual cue along with the derived stimuli. Skin resistance responses and operant discriminations are measured. Still the only study to employ such a testing format.
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