Common grounds: Nietzsche’s philosophy, natural sciences and Radical Behaviorism

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Abstract: Frederick Nietzsche’s writings have been widely influential and extensively interpreted; his philosophy has been almost exclusively seen through the lenses of humanistic and philosophical disciplines and usually taken to support controversial worldviews. In this paper, it is not our intent to provide the “right” version of this philosopher’s thinking, but rather, to explore some connections that might be relevant from a Radical Behavioral viewpoint. Our purpose then, is twofold: first, we will explore the connections of his philosophy with the materialistic and pragmatic assumptions of the natural sciences, and second, we will present some of his considerations regarding the attribution of causality for private events and its compatibility with Behavioral analytical thinking. Clinical implications are commented.

Keywords: Nietzsche, Radical Behaviorism, natural sciences, private events, epistemology, ontology, psychotherapy.

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