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Find an ACT/CBS Therapist or Practitioner - Nikita Kotlarov

Nikita Kotlarov

Mind Zone Psychology (ME)
Psychologist | Counsellor | ACT Psychotherapist | Coach
Brisbane, Queensland
Highest Degree Held: BS
Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Addiction, Conflict, OCD, Phobia, Self Esteem, Suicidality, Self-harm, ADHD, Chronic Pain, Eating Disorders, Grief, Loss, Performance enhancement, Motivation, Trauma, PTSD, Relationships, Coachin, Anger, Groups, Seminar, Talks
Types of Clients: Adolescents, Adults, Families, Couples, Groups (group therapy), Organizations
Languages spoken: English, עברית (Hebrew), Русский (Russian)
Licensures/Certifications: Au Health Practitioner Registration Authority - Psychology Board of Australia - Au Psychological Society, MAPS - ATAPS, Brisbane MIND - VVCS - WorkCover QComp - and others
ACT/CBS Background and Training: Nik has ~14yrs ACT experience and works with - Couples, relationships. Adult and Adolescent anxiety, depression, struggles with stress and trauma, addictions, chronic pain.

Nik has experience working in different settings and provides a range of treatments, including high suicide risk as well as workplace issues. For more information:

I have a genuine interest in the philosophy of science as well as the therapeutic approaches. As a practitioner, I've gained experience and continued to develop my skills through many training workshops/seminars, including PTSD and Couples work with Robyn Walser, number of ACT workshops with Russ Harris, Values work with Louise Hayes, ACT and Chronic Pain with Carl Graham, ACT and Eating Disorders with Emily Sandoz, ACT and CBS with Steven Hayes, Matt&Jennifer Villatte, ACT and BPD with Jane Morton, Sex and CBS with Curtin & Collis, Compassion and CBS with Gilbert and Luoma, CBS and Self Harm with Sandra Georgescu, ACT and Addictions with Kelly Wilson, ACT and Workplace with Rachel Collis, ACT and Self Compassion with Luoma &Tirch, J Steinwachs & P Collis FAP and ACT with Difficult Clients , Luise Hayes "Doing therapy while your life is falling apart", Louise Shepperd Mindful Discussions, ACT for OCD and anxiety by Michael P. Twohig, P Collis on FAP, Sandra & Tim Bowden 'Physical ACT', talks by Brian Roche on RFT &IQ and Tim Kasser's "Good Life is the Goods Life", and others. I've attended CBS conferences including ANZCBS 2011 in Brisbane, the World Con 2013 in Sydney, ANZCBS 2014 in Sunshine Coast, 2016 in Melbourne, and 2017 in Perth. I regularly present locally and have presented at the 2016 and 2017 ANZCBS Conferences. I offer (non-STAP) supervision in the ACT model for practitioners.

Working with the Brisbane ACT Centre, I participate in regular meetings under the Portland Model of supervision (J.Luoma). Additionally, I am an active member in the local ACT Interest Group, where we participate in monthly meetings to further our skills.

In my work as a psychotherapist, I have been applying the key principles of ACT to assist a diverse range of Clients in overcoming their struggles with traumatic experiences, grief, depression, anxiety, stress, addiction-behaviours, anger and other concerns. ACT has also been a central theme in my own life, helping me be more effective at dealing with personal and professional challenges.
ACT/CBS Experience: Since 2008
Additional Information: I work in private practice settings with Mind Zone Psychology (ME) and the Brisbane ACT Centre. I am available for sessions through Medicare, Private Health Insurance, VVCS, EAP, WorkCover, NDIS (non-NDIA), Comcare, QComp, and others. Call "0450 MY MIND" or email for more information. Alternatively, you can contact the Brisbane ACT Centre.

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