Georgia - Tbilisi

Georgia - Tbilisi

ACT Peer Consultation Group for Tbilisi, Georgia

Format of the Group
We are small group of people who are interested in ACT, CB and RFT. Most of us have clinical practice or are trainers and lecturers in Psychology. We have meetings both On-line and offline. The group meets for 3 hours a week and consists of two parts: Part 1. theoretical discussions and conceptual questions about ACT and RFT. Part 2: experiential learning of ACT skills building. During our meetings we are discussing videos, podcasts of the founders and main voices of ACT.

Our members can be ACT practitioners, anyone who is interested in ACT, behavioral sciences, willing to volunteer and commit his resources to our community. Anyone who shares our values of openness, acceptance, equality and non-hyerarchical structure of our group. Group is held in georgian language so participants should be fluent in georgian.

Meeting Information
We hold our meetings weekly, Tuesdays at 22:00 via zoom or messenger. For additional information please contact us.

Contact Information
Loladze Tamar, psychotherapist, assistant professor at UG.
+995 555 646 472.