México - Sur Chapter Information

México - Sur Chapter Information

México - Sur Chapter

Affiliated 2023

Type of Chapter:

Describe the geographic boundaries of the Chapter (or specific Language Community):
States located in the South of Mexico

Chapter mission/objectives:
To build a supportive community that fosters personal growth and professional development through active participation and mutual aid among members, in such a way that we can contribute to the alleviation of human suffering and the promotion of the personal well-being of the population in general, making use of the best scientific evidence currently available and strengthening contextual behavioral science with our actions.

Description of membership:
Those who realize professional activities in the south of Mexico may participate in the membership.

Describe chapter activities (meetings, workshops, publications, etc.). Include meeting dates and time of year of publications.

  • Develop integration activities as a community
  • Continuous training and support for affiliates and non-affiliates among peers and with experts
  • Translation and dissemination of outreach materials on contextual behavioral science
  • Influence public policies related to our professional work
  • Disseminate contextual behavioral science in electronic media.
  • Create study groups
  • Annual congress of the chapter in the month of November.

Chapter By-Laws: See attachment