ACBS Inclusive Science Grant

ACBS Inclusive Science Grant

We live in a complex, globalized, and diverse world. Innovative research is expanding in two directions: first, becoming increasingly inclusive of diverse and historically marginalized communities and centering research around perspectives that have been underrepresented in behavioral science to date; and second, becoming increasingly inclusive through an interdisciplinary focus, bringing together diverse and rich ideas, innovative methods, and dynamic teams to tackle research questions with synergistic sophistication, creativity, and methodological rigor (see Hayes et al., 2021, “Report of the ACBS Task Force on the strategies and tactics of contextual behavioral science research”).

This Inclusive Science grant is intended to promote and support ACBS researchers in developing high quality pilot data that will form the foundation for future competitive grant proposals underpinned by inclusivity, broadly defined. More specifically, this grant focuses on facilitating the early pilot stage of potentially grant-fundable research emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and/or interdisciplinary focus. The award is to help the Principal Investigator (PI) collect high-quality DEI and/or interdisciplinary-focused pilot data to support a larger-scale competitive grant application. This grant also can support related direct research activities (e.g., surveying community leaders and stakeholders of marginalized communities ).

This grant can focus on DEI or interdisciplinary capacity building, and preferably both. Here are some examples of the type of research activities that would be a good fit for this grant:

● Collecting pilot data on a DEI or interdisciplinary-focused topic that forms the foundation of a larger study or grant proposal
● Piloting a project to work with allied health professionals (nurses, social workers, physicians, occupational therapist, spiritual care) in a hospital to test an ACT intervention for a specific behavioral health target.
● Engaging bilingual/bicultural researchers as co-investigators and working together on a pilot project toward a cultural adaptation testing RFT principles.
● Surveying stakeholders from a group/community affected by a health issue to identify CBS processes for inclusive partnership/collaboration (e.g., focus groups, needs assessments)
● Extending Prosocial research to locations or populations that are historically under-studied because of poverty, minority status, language, or cultural differences, in preparation for community action participatory research proposal

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