Podcast: 15 in 15 (ACBS World Conference 15)

Podcast: 15 in 15 (ACBS World Conference 15)

We are very excited to announce that Richard Bennett, who is an ACBS member and Peer-reviewed ACT trainer, will be hosting a podcast series entitled '15 in 15'.

In each 15 minute interview Dr. Bennett will talk with some of the most influential figures from ACBS, and key contributors to the ACBS World Conference 15 in Seville.

This podcast is available on iTunes.

Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of ’15 in 15’ Richard Bennett is joined by ACT co-founder Steve Hayes. In this interview, they discuss the journey of the ACBS conference, as well as Dr. Hayes’ pre-conference workshop, Process-based ACT: An intermediation ACT II

Episode 2

In this episode Richard Bennett is joined by the RFT Track Chair, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes. They discuss how RFT will be represented at the ACBS World Conference, as well as her pre-conference workshop, The GO-RFT Workshop: Reticulating (From the Bottom Up) with ACT-D.

Episode 3

In this episode Richard is joined by ACBS Invited Speaker Roger Vilardaga. They talk about his contribution to this conference, his background, research interests, and a few tips to get the most out of a trip to Spain.

Episode 4

In this episode Richard Bennett is joined by the current ACBS president, D.J. Moran. They discuss some of the inner workings of the organization and past conferences.

Episode 5

In this episode Richard talks with one of the ACBS World Conference 15 Program Chairs, Miguel Rodriguez-Valverde. In this interview Miguel gives insight on his background, being the program chair, and even offers some travel tips.

Episode 6

In episode 6 of "15 in 15" Richard is joined by Dennis Tirch. Listen as they discus CFT and the bridge between Compassion Focused Therapy and ACT.

Episode 8

Richard speaks with Beate Ebert. Listen as they discuss they discuss her workshop, "Igniting change in your groups: The 8 PROSOCIAL principles in action", and her work with Commit and ACT in Sierra Leone.

Episode 9

In this episode Richard if joined by FAP co-founders Mavis Tsai and Bob Kohlenberg. 

Episode 10

In episode 10 Richard speaks with Louise Hayes about the DNA-v model.

Episode 11

In the final episode of "15 in 15" Richard speaks with ACT Peer-Reviewed Trainer Benji Schoendorff. Listen as they discuss the matrix and RFT.