Questionnaire on Self-Transcendence

Questionnaire on Self-Transcendence

This scale, informed by ACT and other contextual cognitive behavioral therapies, measures three related factors:

1. Distancing from content of mental experience (informed by cognitive defusion)

2. Observing self - capacity to "notice the noticer" of experiences (informed by self-as-context)

3. Inter-transcendence - capacity to recognize transcendent connection between self and other beings (informed by aspects of self-as-context and RFT)

The scale is available for public use.

Please cite the scale as follows:

Fishbein, J. N., Baer, R. A., Correll, J., & Arch, J. J. (2020). The Questionnaire on Self-Transcendence (QUEST): A measure of trait self-transcendence informed by contextual cognitive behavioral therapies. Assessment, In press.