ACT Matrix Consultation - Jacob Martinez

ACT Matrix Consultation - Jacob Martinez

Hi I'm Jacob Martinez, LPC

I specialize in the ACT Matrix and provide consultation and supervision to clinicians.

I especially enjoy working with new clinicians who are just getting into ACT work and who feel in over their head at all the resources and material available. If you are trying to get up to speed with ACT or RFT please send me an email and if I can't help you I can point you in the right direction.

I also help clinicians put together ACT presentations, workshops, and courses. If you are presenting to an audience on ACT for the first time and want to throw around some ideas or learn how to structure your workshop for maximum impcat, get in touch.

I offer supervision/consultation on ACT, RFT, and the ACT Matrix for helping professionals. These can be done in person or over Zoom. Sometimes a single consultation is enough to jump-start your work. Other times people schedule as needed. My standard rate for consultations is $75 per hour, and $50/hour/person for groups of 2+

Here are some of the things people have reached out to me for:

1. Understanding a specific concept, structuring ACT sessions, introducing ACT concepts to clients.

2. Getting unstuck in their work, or with certain clients. In which case we do a lot of experiential work.

3. Help putting together presentations and workshops, or feedback on original exercises.

My email address is

You can see my content and get a sense of the way I work on my website: - A website all about the ACT Matrix and how to use it clinically

Jacob Martinez, LPC

Jacob Martinez