ACT Supervision and training Denmark Dr Max B Pedersen

ACT Supervision and training Denmark Dr Max B Pedersen

Hi - I am Max. Here is some formal and informal information about myself. If you need any further information please feel free and write.

I am a private ACT practitioner, phd, peer reviewed ACT trainer, specialist in psychotherapy and chartered by the British Psychological Society (BPS). This means that the supervision I provide is recognized both by the BPS (when working towards you phd in clinical psychology) and the Danish Psychological Society (when you are working towards the specialist status).

I see clients in Copenhagen and Kgs Lyngby, Denmark and on Online. I often run in Denmark upon request.

I have expierence offering a range of ACT workshops and presentations in both public, private and international settings such as the ACBS conferences. Some of the public settings include supervision and in depth training for staff in psychiatric hospital settings.

Aside from working with clients experiencing affective dificulties I have also worked in hospital settings with patients suffering from various forms of chronic pain.

In organizations I provide coaching, effectiveness training, stress reducing and preventive interventions / workshops. All based on ACT. I am also a trainer in Fredrik Livheims group based intervention for "Resilliance and stress reduction at work".

It is wonderful to work with a transdiagnostic and in context model. Applications are numerous and I am intrigued by seeing new and helpful ways of applying psychological flexibility.

When providing supervision I offer to look at issues ranging from therapist reactions, client reactions, theory and help guide reflections on how to intervene. Roleplay and video recording may also be way of exploring how you can improve yourself as a therapist. 

Send me an email through this site or my personal sites below and we can chat or set-up an initial meeting in person or Online to see if I may be able to help you further the skills you are hoping for.

My website in Danish is and in English