Skills Practice Groups to help you get super skilful at ACT

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On the back of the recently held Birmingham ACT Week in UK, I am offering practitioners the chance to join a supervision group focused on practicing and enhancing skills. It is called Small Group Practice Supervision.

What is Small Group Practice Supervision?
Small Group Practice is based on the Portland Model developed by Jason Luoma et al! It’s a supervision where you focus on helping a Skills Builder (Practitioner) try out ways of working, give them feedback for what worked and what could have worked better. It is also a chance to observe and pick up cool ideas from other ACT Practitioners.

The format is just like the one used in #bhamACTWeek:
• Four Practitioners
• Four Roles – Skills Builder, Builder’s Mate, Process Monitor and Case Presenter
• Practice for 25 minutes with assistance and input from your group
• Receive and give feedback to help you build your confidence and your competence
• Rotate roles so you get to see, hear and do from each perspective

How will it work? 

Join an Online group and work together using video via ZOOM.

How long will it last?
Each session will last for 2 hours.

How much will it cost?
Each person pays £65.00 (approximately 70 Euros or 85 USD).

What meeting times are available?
There are two online groups available to join beginning in November: Monday and Friday daytime hours. Precise times tbc. 

How often will we meet?
Again, this depends. I am happy to go with what the group wants. For example, it might be monthly, every 6 weeks or two months etc. As it is not case supervision, there is no requirement to meet every month.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, of course…if they are interested in ACT and they’ve had some introductory training. I think you need to have a grasp of the processes and some techniques you can try out.
You can create your own group. You just need three people and I will be the fourth.

Do you offer Individual Supervision?
Yes. If you are interested in discussing supervision for yourself, just get in touch You can call me on tel. +44 (0121) 523 1108.

What do you do next?

Please email me back if you would like to join an online group. The next groups start in November. To secure a place, please get back to me as soon as possible. Closing date for registrations is Wednesday 25th October.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks once again,

Jim Lucas