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Watching People Stutter and Their Courage


"Carpe diem" (harvest the moment) for people who stutter (PWS)

Reading about the concept of getting in contact with the moment (the now) completely reminds me of "carpe diem" as written by Horace, "seize the day." This is a motto that most of us may say yet very few insert within everyday practice. The following question arises: Is the idea to keep busy and thinking forward while thinking behind a self taught, genetic, or socially born and encouraged concept?

Cognitive Defusion: Honesty and suffering?

As I've been reading about cognitive defusion the word "honesty" keeps creeping in my head and ears. It seems to be "honesty" needs to be a value that clients need to possess and believe in in order to for them to defuse and deconstruct language in their "minds".

Cognitive Defusion and Stuttering: Part 1 Coup of the cognitive words, dethrown the power that governs

I just started reading about the 'undermining of cognitive fusion' and can see the connections to behaviors that we all perform in daily lives (e.g., the avoidance of saying hi to a stranger because we think they, "What if I look at them and say hi and they look at me weird or like I'm stalking them, and what if they think that I am stalking them and call the cops, will they think I'm going to harm them in anyway, maybe I'll not even make eye contact to avoid any confusion of my intensions").

ACT and Stuttering: The begining of Acceptance with letting go of "experiencial control"

I've just started reading Luama, Hayes, & Walser (2007) and from what I've read so far about experiencial control and acceptance, it sounds like you need to let go of idea that our experiences control our behaviors. This is the first step to a path of acceptance.

New to ACT

I'm new to ACT and just starting to compile resources to learn about ACT procedures. I'm an SLP and a person who stutters and am wondering how ACT will fit with my clinical practices with people who stutter in respect to becoming comfortable with stuttering hopefully produce more relaxed speech.

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