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You Probably Aren't The Best Person For The Job

Do you ever feel like you might not be the best person for the job?

Do you sometimes worry that people will find you out and realise that you aren't smart enough or knowledgable enough or skilful enough for the job?

Do you sometimes get distracted by the fear that people are thinking that you are the wrong person for the job? That they are wishing they had a different boss, coach, project manager?

When that fear that you aren't quite good enough comes up, what do you do?

What To Do With Feelings Of Shame

Do you think it is bad to feel ashamed?

In this interview, Maarten Aalberse suggests that we have a tendency to feel ashamed about feeling shame and that this causes us problems. He suggests responding to those feelings with empathy and compassion instead of trying to reject these painful emotions. What does that look like?

How to Use Contextual Science to Super Charge Your Leadership Training

I recently heard of a leadership programme where it is expected that half way through the programme participants will contact the CEO of their large organisation to complain. They are doubtful about the usefulness of the programme and feel overwhelmed, stressed and angry. The CEO apparently responds by telling them to 'suck it up'. Why does he tell them this? Because he sees that, in the long run, the programme works - the majority of participants do become better leaders after the programme. They are wiser, more courageous and demonstrate more integrity.

If You Knew You Would Succeed, You Could Enjoy The Journey

For many years I had this quote on my wall.

'If You Knew You Would Suceed, You Could Enjoy The Journey'

It was a reminder that I have a tendency to waste the current moment worrying about the future.

I would have enjoyed medical school much more, if I had known that I would pass all of my exams ( I did just sneak through pharmacology with a bare pass but that is another story!).

Successful People Often Feel Bad Too

For most of my adult life I have worked in roles where people told me the truth about how they felt. This privilege has meant that I know an important secret. The secret is that most of us have good days and bad days; good weeks and bad weeks, sometimes even good days and bad months. When I worked as a psychiatrist I thought that only my clients and I felt like this. But then I moved into executive coaching and discovered it was also true of people who, on the outside, look very successful.

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