Questions for Mental Health Professionals/ ACT Practitioners

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Hey fellow ACT practitioners!

I wanted to ask a question that’s been on my mind lately. I know I’m taking a risk to put my personal stuff out there, and I guess I’m looking for some support and community from people who have chosen to be ACT therapists. I’m assuming that we may have some things in common!
Lately, I’ve been struggling with my choice to be a counselor. I am about to graduate with my Master’s degree, and I am just really second-guessing myself. I am not sure if I can really do this well. I am also afraid of hurting clients. I am trying to seek closure on some stuff from my past too. I have found it a little difficult to find practitioners and mentors in my small town that really understand what I am going through right now.
My question(s): How did you know that being a therapist/counselor/practitioner was right for you? What’s your story? How do you deal with self-doubt?

Thanks for any support and any wisdom you can offer to a girl on her journey!  

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Hanna Rodriguez