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ACBS Spotlight: 'ACT is Evidence-Based' says U.S. government agency

In case you are wondering what this all means, here is a little background. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration is a division of the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States government.

ACBS Spotlight -- "Learning RFT": Simple, Coherent, & Highly Recommended New Book Targeting Clinicians But Useful to Many

learning rft.jpg



My first reaction to this book is a simple and powerful: "FINALLY." 

Why, you ask? 

ACBS Spotlight: Bridging the RFT - Clinical Process Gap

As the CBS community gears up for the 8th World Conference in Reno, NV in June, there has been talk of how this year, the community is focusing on how we can make further strides in translational research and not only learn how to talk to others doing work of interest to us, but also to seek out ways to collaborate. Our mission: Find new ways to alleviate human suffering, stretch our intellect and reach for new questions and new ways of answering them, and learn from the tools developed by others.

ACBS Spotlight: Transforming the Function of Healthy Eating with the Food Dudes

Obesity is an increasing problem in the developed world for adults, and sadly, children as well. While numerous factors play a part in weight problems, from a behavioral science perspective, the importance of healthy eating behavior patterns in combatting this epidemic is clear.

ACBS Spotlight: Nurturing Environments - Bringing Behavioral Science into the Culture

For 25 years Tony Biglan of Oregon Research Institute (and long-time ACBS member) has been diligently working to bring behavioral science to the area of prevention with the purpose of building well-being at a societal level. With such initiatives as changing public policy to increase safety behaviors (such as seatbealt wearing), preventing smoking, preventing and addressing risky behavior in youth, Tony and countless others have sought ways to move closer to a more real "Walden Two" for children and adults.

ACBS Spotlight: Recent Grant Activity

There are new grants hitting all over the world in the ACT/RFT arena. Today I want to point out two recently awarded grants that we know about.

  • [[|Andrew Gloster]] has been awarded a grant from the German government. The title of the project is (paraphrased from the German): What Should We Do When CBT for Panic/Agoraphobia Fails: ACT! The goal is to test whether ACT can help those patients who are categorized as non-responders following an intense course of CBT.
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