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Excerpt from book on 'Aid for ACT with Christian Clients

Christian Worldview

DISCLAIMER: This is not an evangelical document. It is only for information on motivations for values that Christians are likely to have. 
You do not have to read the Bible to benefit from this understanding of the Christian worldview as relevant verses and teachings will be clearly marked throughout this book.

This is merely an aid for therapists who have Christian clients in the hope of helping to expedite the therapy process.


Moving to Dubai- Thriving Private practice in a village near Banbury available

I have a private practice in Cropredy which is a village near Banbury. I am moving to Dubai at the end of October and am concerned for this area because of the scarcity of therapists. I am accredited with the BABCP which helps a lot with referrals and accredited CBT therapists are very scarce in the surroundin 4 counties. I of course am now practising ACT as best as I can, and would prefer if this approach were made available in this area after I leave.

Please contact me if you have an interest in moving here - accommodation can also probably be arranged.

Please also contact me if you have any contacts in Dubai - especially ACT -related, with whom I may get in touch.

Thank you

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