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help save WMU's psychology programs

As some of you may have heard, the President and Provost of Western Michigan University recently announced the elimination of 8 doctoral programs and 13 master's programs following a university-wide review. Among the programs being cut were the doctoral program in clinical psychology and the master's program for industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology. While the faculty union recently earned two concessions from the administration in the form of an appeals process (decisions were previously announced as final) and the resignation of the Provost (who headed up the graduate program review process and proposed the cuts), we're not out of the woods yet.

Both of these programs are very successful, productive, cost-effective, and firmly grounded in behavior analysis. At least two faculty members in the Clinical program are trained in ACT (Scott Gaynor and Amy Naugle) and two faculty members in the I/O program are interested in the application of ACT/RFT to organizational problems (John Austin and myself).

We believe these proposed cuts are unwarranted and would have a very negative impact on both our department and the field of behavior analysis in general.

To learn more about how you can help and the details of the situation, visit and then sign our petition at

Thanks much for your support.

Eric J. Fox, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Western Michigan University

damn ampersands

You may notice that various links throughout the site are not working correctly. Specifically, any links that are pointing to a page with an ampersand (&) in the title are messed up. In fact, the ampersand in the link itself will appear incorreclty as a few characters (together called an html entity), and the link will not take you to the page (it will typically take you to a "create a new publication" page).

This is a bug/problem with the linking module the site uses, and it plagued me in the early days of the site and has cropped up again for some reason. The bad news: I don't know if/when I'll be able to fix it. The good news: if I can't fix it, I may be able to install a rich text editor for the site that would allow contributors to edit their text with some standard formatting features (like the bold, italics, etc. buttons you use in word processing software like Microsoft Word). The last time I tried to use the text editors, they conflicted with the linking module...but if I can't get the stupid linking module to work correctly, I'll just upload the text editing module and we'll have to do links differently (we would need to enter the whole URL or web address for the page, instead of just the page title).

Wow, if you actually read all of that then you must be either a) seriously bored or b) a closet techie geek. :)


I just added a cool translation module to the site that allows us to provide a translation of any page into multiple languages. When a site is available in different language, the name of the language (and its corresponding flag icon) will appear at the bottom of the page, near the "add child page" and "comment links." I translated the homepage into French and Japanese using AltaVista's Babel Fish translation tool ( I apologize to any native speakers of these languages for the undoubtedly laughable translation Babel Fish provided! Feel free to email me better translations!

Right now, only site editors can provide a translation for a page. And since I am barely fluent in English and only have a 7th-grade education in French, I am unable to provide any of the translations myself. However, if you would like to start translating the pages of this site, simply send me an email with this info: the page (specifically, the URL of the page) you are translating, the language you are translating it into, and the translation. Then I'll go ahead and add the translation to the site.

getting ready to launch...

So I'm getting close to having ready to launch. I still need to migrate a bit of the content from the RFT site over to here, finish programming version 2.0 of my RFT tutorial and get it running here, and work on an easy way to sort/search the already lengthy list of publications on the site (which may not happen until after the site launches). What a fun way to spend my summer vacation!

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