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Mindfulness and the Agony of de Feet

So in the past year I have taken up running in those Vibram 5-Finger funky toe-shoes. There is a long back story about that which I won’t get into here, but am happy to geek out about if you’re interested. The main problem with these shoes – besides never being able to be taken seriously whilst wearing them – is that when running on the trail there is no cushioning between the stony surface and my flesh and bone soles.

Marching Confidently into the Unknown

Many clients come in to therapy looking to get more self-confidence so that they will then be able to do things they would like to do – get out socially, be more assertive at work, go out on dates, etc. This position is quite reasonable in the sense that it will likely be much easier to do something if you feel that your chances of doing it well, correctly, perfectly, etc are very high, and your chances of messing things up completely and looking like a buffoon are low.

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