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Do You Have a Dirty Mind?


Part 1:

Introducing: ACTivate ACT with Radiant Thinking

How does radiant thinking, often called Mind Mapping© (Buzon, T., 1970), apply to the ACT model and RFT? When working with the natural way the mind likes to operate, which is non-linear, radiant thinking allows for the expansion of the creative process. The goal is to let the mind get outside the box of fear. The simple process of drawing a Mind Map is expanding as a stand-alone endeavor. That being said, you can see the map continues to grow bigger and bigger with each new word and each new line that is drawn on the paper.

Rocky Mountain Chapter ACBS Conference Sept 20 & 21

ACT on Your Dreams: Beyond the Vision Board

I am facilitating a new workshop based on ACT for the general public. It is going to be fun and interactive. As the founder of Creating Your Beyond, I want to offer a workshop that will take people beyond the vision board of what they dream about to committed action based on those dreams. It will become a standard offering at Creating Your Beyond, LLC


Finding Your True North for the New Year: Workshop Jan. 23, 6-8:30

This is a 2 1/2 hour workshop facilitated by Brenda Bomgardner that focuses on values clarification and committed action which are two components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT
• What is it that you truly value?
• Deep in your heart what really matters to you?
Living life is not always about feeling better, but about living better. Fortunately, when you live better you generally feel better.

Creating Your Beyond

As a therapist in private practice my greatest joy is in working with people who are survivors of catastrophic violence and are ready to move beyond the trauma and the loss. It is amazing to witness the resilience of the human spirit.

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