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Full Time Psychiatrist or Psych Certified NP Wanted

Buffalo General Hospital's Trauma Department is looking for a Full time Psychiatrist or Psych. Certified Nurse Practitioner for our outpatient department.

Please contact: Marcella Brimo, LCSW-R @ 716-859-4813 for more information.

New ACT Group in Buffalo

I have started an ACT group at the Community Mental Health Clinic- The population consists of clients with addiction, trauma and possibly other diagnoses. I've read a number of ACT books, and recently have attended Kevin Polk's training and in January I'll attend Kellly Wilson's 4 day training in Oregon. In my treatment center, I've developed 4 stages of groups:
Phase 1:CBT on Addiction (2 days a week) Motivational Interviewing (2 days a week)
Phase 2:DBT (2 days a week and Psycho-education on Trauma (1 day a week)
Phase 3: Schema Focused Therapy (2 days a week)

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