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More writing tips for psychologists - webcasts on "reader sensitivity"

What's it take to be a good writer for popular audiences? How about a strangely named skill called "reader sensitivity"?

On my writing tips blog, I've created 4 linked webcasts explaining this skill and how to nurture it. Comments welcome! Here's the link:

[[http://raburgess.com/2009/08/29/webcast-how-to-develop-reader-sensitivity/|Webcast: How to develop “reader sensitivity”]]

Free guide available to help psychologists write for the general public

For those in the ACT community new to writing book & articles for popular audiences, I've posted a free guide to a technique often overlooked, but very useful for helping readers stay with, understand, and enjoy what you’re telling them at each stage of your content. Professional writers often call this technique a “road map,” after the wonderful piece of crumpled-up technology still to be found in many automobile glove boxes.

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