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Reflections on ACT/FAP & Useful Protocols

In the past, I would write about ACT and what I was doing at the College where I was a Director of Counseling, for example started a group on ACT and Depression in 2010, and it was wonderful.  It deeply resonated with the students. This led to other small workshops on mindfulness, ACT and "the Happniness Trap", and then I took a pause.

Mindfulness and Acceptance Group - Last Session

The Last Group Session:

The group took on its own structure, and it became an opened group where students who had registered to participate could come in and out, and new members could join at any time.

Mindfulness and Acceptance Group - part II

This is a new blog entry on the process of creating a Mindfulness and Acceptance Group at Lehman College using the Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression.

I searched this site and reviewed blogs of those who have used ACT in group process, and I found some really interesting information. I thank you all for having the courage to share, and I like to read the comments too because they are so helpful.

The Population I serve - traditional and non traditional college students ranging from 17 to 60. Students in this group range from 20-30.

Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression - a group process

I am using the Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression in a group format at Lehman College, and will document my findings here. I did look at the resources here to see who has done depression groups or groups in general from an ACT perspective, and what I have found has been helpful.

Setting: Lehman College

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