Are there websites for chapters?

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Every Chapter, SIG, and Affiliate is given a page on the ACBS website upon creation. ACBS staff puts in some info to keep the page from being blank, but then we encourange the Chapter, SIG, and Affiliate leaders to change the page. Let us know who needs access and the ACBS staff can make it possible for multiple people to edit the webpage. Keep some contact info on that main page, and make sure you only post public domain images, other than that, use it as a message board, or for whatever you like. All members have a link to THAT webpage via their dashboards.

If you have something that "I wish it was on the ACBS website" and your chapter is willing to put it together, make translations, etc., EMAIL THE ACBS STAFF. Talk to us, and let's see if we can figure out the best place to put your content and link it around the ACBS website (and back to your page of course) and make sure it remains accessible to as many as possible.

Some chapters and SIGs have websites independent of ACBS.  You can read about the benefits and pitfalls of independent websites here.