Roche & Barnes, 1996

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Roche, B., & Barnes, D. (1996). Arbitrarily applicable relational responding and human sexual categorization: A critical test of the derived difference relation. The Psychological Record, 46, 451-475.

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RFT: Empirical
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Arbitrary stimuli, sexual categorization

The major aim of the current study was to demonstrate that preexperimentally established verbal functions can be examined, and transferred to arbitrary stimuli, using the procedures adopted by relational frame theory. It examines the idea of sexual categorization using relational frame theory. The results with pretraining and without pretraining support the thesis.

After Steele & Hayes, the first study to systematically examine the relational frame of distinction using socially-loaded stimuli. This study inspired a series of exchanges between the authors and Richard Saunders in the same volume on the relationship between equivalence and RFT.
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